Fjord Games is getting its feet wet again!

After a long break, Fjord Games is coming back with a new project. “This time we will be more relaxed, yet more committed”, says the owner, knowing fully well how hollow unproven promises sound. 😉

A little self-deprecating humor aside, I did indeed start back up again on a new game project called Glitchgate. I had the idea for the game in my head for a long time and it basically goes back 20 years.

I have been working at Innogames on Warlords of Aternum since mid-2018 until i recently moved to another amazing game project in the same company. And I love my job a lot. But this vision from back in the day still lingers in my head and I need to make one more attempt to bring it to life. That is why, about a month ago, I started working on Glitchgate, which is going to be

  • A lot of Pokémon
  • A dynamic battle spoonful of Final Fantasy
  • A strategic serving of X-Com

It is a hobby project for the time being, but I am very eager to show off the insides of the development process and would like to encourage everyone interested to hop on my Discord to get the conversation going. The first video dev log will also follow very soon.

I hope you stick around. Let’s just have some fun and create a game together!